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About me and my approach in a nutshell

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Just in case you are wondering who the person behind this website and behind Tales For Life Berlin is, here is a short introduction.

My name is Borisz Merei, and I'm a mental health counselor specialized in integral psychology. I am originally from Serbia, then from Hungary, and for a while now I have been living in Germany. I offer individual (1to1) and group counseling, as well as coaching in Berlin-Kreuzberg, in English and Hungarian languages.

Originally an M.A. in Intercultural Communication, I completed my counselor certification at the Integral Academy in Hungary. I am also a certified Fairytale Analyst, trained in a unique counseling methodology that works with fairytales. As such, I am also the founder of the Tales for Life Berlin movement.

Beyond the studies and certificates, I firmly believe that a therapist or counselor can only be authentic if they themselves have a sufficient level of self-awareness – as a result of their own life experiences as well as their own deep therapeutic process:

  • So far, I’ve lived in 5 countries – including Central and East Europe, the USA and the Middle East and I know how challenging it can be to move to a new country and make a new home.

  • Before becoming a counselor, I worked in the business world for multinational companies, and I understand the everyday challenges and struggles involved - and am ready to help those experiencing stress and loneliness.

  • I have actively dealt with my own family- and relationship-related challenges, self-acceptance issues, as well as some existential questions and now I'm feeling in a much better place - and am committed to helping other people get there too.  

In order to be fully with you and for you, one of my important tasks is to keep myself mentally and physically healthy. I myself attend regular therapy and supervision; I have gone through extensive psychodrama, family constellation and psychedelic therapy processes. I regularly do yoga and conscious movement/dance exercises and am a Vipassana meditation practitioner.

My general approach

I’m an integral mental health counselor, and I can help facilitate your process of change. Your journey is yours to take – but I can provide you with support when it is hard. Being fully there with you and for you is the most I can do – you will find it is exactly what you need to find your own strengths and find your own solutions to the challenges you are facing.

Within the safe and confidential space that I provide, you will feel empowered to open up to yourself and understand yourself more deeply – ​and find the courage to bring about the change you would like to see in your life. I will be there for you, with honesty and compassion.

I fundamentally believe that every human is born to be happy – and to continue growing. Perhaps you’re going through a challenging time - I can be with you in whatever you are going through.  Without judgment. Accepting and respecting your process.

My methodology

In my individual counseling sessions, we may use a variety of methods – depending on your needs and preferences. I use the principles of Carl Rogers’ person centered counseling in being with you and following you in your process. I use the framework of the Ken Wilber’s integral psychology in mapping out where you are in your journey, and what approach would be the most beneficial for you. I may invite you to a simple breathing exercise to help you dissolve, or lessen strong, difficult emotions – as well as use focusing or hypno-NLP exercises to identify and overcome internal obstacles. What’s more, as a counselor trained in a unique fairytale counseling method based on the principles of C. G. Jung, I may invite you to work with fairytales to help go deeper and learn even more about yourself (more information on this here).

Everybody’s journey is unique – you and I will together discover what works best for you, and I will be there to support and help you feel safe, regardless of what we’re working with at the moment.  And quite soon, you will notice changes about how you feel, how you view yourself and the world – and you’ll see positive changes happening in your life.

If you have any further questions – or if you would like to book a first appointment – feel free to get in touch with me here.

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