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Updated: Dec 13, 2018

In this short post, I would like to introduce you to my concept and approach to working with teams of co-workers and companies. And perhaps also explain why the methodology is unique and fun, as well as very effective.

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It all starts with setting a clear counseling goal, since there can obviously be no successful process, if we are not clear on where we are headed to. So I make sure to really understand, narrow down on the team's current pressure points, to really zoom onto what's keeping the team members up at night. Is the company experiencing growing pains? Is there a sense of insecurity, due to a lost major piece of business, an upcoming acquisition, a new manager on board? Has there been a significant change that is not yet adopted properly?

Just like in an individual counseling process, it is important for me to understand the symptoms (e.g. high fluctuation, team seems to be losing business, increased stress levels in the company's everydays...) as well as the potential causes. Then based on these, we can together come up with a counseling objective. This happens as part of a cooperation process with a couple of team members, managers, key stakeholders. At the beginning of the cooperation, I share a questionnaire to be filled, in order to give me a general idea of the company. Then, I like to meet with a few representatives of the team and have an in-depth discussion about the challenges, the possibilities, and the possible goals.

It is also important for me to get a feel for the company culture. The event can consist of various types of activities, some are more and some are less interactive, some may be too strange for some companies while for others they are exactly what they are looking for. All activities are designed to be engaging, but the modalities will definitely have to be relevant to the context of the particular team to ensure their success. This is why I do not work with pre-set scripts – I carefully recreate each event according to the team's needs and realities.

The events are usually either half-day (3-4 hours) or full day (6 hours + lunch break), I provide a recommendation for the duration depending on the topic addressed, the number of participants (between 10-25 participants is ideal, but less as well as more is possible, just needs to be planned accordingly), as well as other contextual factors (is this part of a larger company event? would you like to weave a brainstorming session or even a management presentation into the fabric of the day?). The event will be held at the location you provide (within Berlin), and I will facilitate it in English.

What can you expect from a Tales for Life team process? We will likely work with a fairytale, giving us an overall theme for the event, which we will process with various activities, but at the same time, will be flexible about how close we stay to the tale throughout the day. The soul of the participants will definitely be touched – how deeply or intensively, that is also a question that will be discussed in advance. Participants will be inspired for much more honest conversations than usual. Individual team members, as well as teams as whole, will be invited to self-reflection, leading to enhanced self-awareness on both levels. Pressures will be released and conflicts will be exposed and let go of. It will be engaging, memorable and fun – and will lead to closer connections, more efficient cooperation and more constructive strategies for the future (as well as, most often, actionable next steps).

In case of any questions, I am always happy to provide more info – just drop me a message and I will get back to you.

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