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Fairytale for June: Keep discovering

After gaining stability by means of growing roots in the previous month(s), now is the time to grow large and get ready to blossom. In June, the days are still getting longer and just as we're stepping into summer, our mood becomes lighter and more playful. In folk tradition, June is called the month when the plants branch out, and this is one important aspect of the archetype of Gemini (btw. in German, the words for branch, for twins/Gemini and for two are all related) for Gemini reminds us to enjoy the lightness of being and to remember: there are no "absolute truths", so we should just rather trust the process and keep discovering. And it is through this discovery that growth and blossoming happen.

The themes and symbols of June all remind us how important it is to stay mentally and physically fresh, to keep moving and discovering the world. The archetype of "Puer Aeternus", the eternal boy, as described by e.g. Jung, has obvious negative aspects (see e.g. the Peter Pan syndrome, named after one of the most iconic manifestations of the archetype) but June reminds us that the opposite – i.e. always taking everything seriously and losing the ability to see the world through a child's eye – can also be destructive. In short: within the right context, it is essential to keep on playing.

The Fairytale of the Month, Ferdinand the Faithful by the Grimm Brothers, invites you to see how you relate to that inner eternal child of yours. You can read the fairytale here, and then see below for self-reflection questions:

Self-reflection questions:

1. The story takes us on a long story of a seemingly immature, naive protagonist. How do you relate to the main character in different parts of the story? Are there parts in which you like him, and others in which you find him e.g. irritating? Does this potentially say something about your own relationship with your own inner child?

2. The Gemini wisdom of "everything is true, as also is its opposite" seems to be demonstrated in this fairytale. There seems not to be an absolute truth, as things that seem "bad" seem to lead to "good" things, and "good" things seem to lead to "bad". Challenge yourself to view your own situation through this idea: for example, is there something "bad" right now, and can you challenge yourself to see it in a new light, is it possible that it will lead to something new, something "good"? What would happen if, instead of classifying things into "good" and "bad", you just tried to accept things as they come? What if, instead of constantly deciding "either...or" this time you chose "both...and"?

3. Building on your answers to the previous questions, let this fairytale challenge you to – at least temporarily, e.g. for the rest of this month – explore what it feels like, when you take your life more lightly. Try to take yourself less seriously, keep playing, keep exploring, trust that things will get sorted out even if you approach them in a less serious manner. See what happens, and observe your emotions while doing so.

Keep playing – and have a fantastic opening up into summer!

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