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Fairytale for March: Learning to lose control

Personally, March is often a difficult month for me. It almost feels like it's already spring, but not quite yet, and with the transition of the seasons, I often find myself in an emotional transition too. They often say that March (no wonder it is the month of Pisces!) has a lot to do with the element of water: just like the snow melts in the mountains, feeding the streams and rivers, so do internal blockages melt away inside of us, allowing us become freer and lighter as the new season, spring begins.

In the face of all this movement and transition, it is easy to feel lost, and for people like me, who feel more comfortable controlling situations, it can be a disorienting, even uncomfortable experience. Yet it is exactly what this month teaches us: March encourages us to go with the flow, to allow ourselves to lose control just a little bit, and to trust the process, to trust that everything will work out in the end. Is that difficult? For some of us, most certainly - and then the only option is to try to become comfortable with the temporary feeling of discomfort. Here's a fairytale, as well as a list of self-reflection exercises to get in the mood of going with the flow...

Follow this guide step-by-step, and let me know how it went! Feel free to drop me a comment or a message.

1. Think of an area of your life which has been challenging for a while or you really cannot seem to find a solution to. What is the difficulty? What have you tried doing recently to solve the issue? (it is best to write down your answers for yourself.)

2. Read the fairytale of the month: The Devil's Sooty Brother by Grimm. You can read it here by clicking on this link.

3. Areas of our lives that we don't seem to be progressing in can often feel like the hell that the soldier finds himself in: he is expected to just keep going and going, trusting that the devil will hold his end of the bargain. He works year after year without any encouragement. In your opinion:

Why does he accept this deal?

What helps him go on and on, accepting his end of the bargain?

What does the Devil's character represent in the story - what do we learn about the Devil?

4. Look at the list / description of the challenge you wrote down earlier.

How is the wisdom of this story present in your life?

How would you describe Hell - with regards to your own issue?

What forces represent the Devil?

What are your inner resources, helping you to persist for the symbolic '7 years'?

What are the promised rewards, the gold in the bag, that you will surely find if you hold your end of the deal?

Spring is soon here, and with it, an explosion of fresh energies. Until then: keep going - and try to go with the flow...

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