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Fairytale for May: Growing roots

May is the month of growing roots, in all senses of the word. Outside, in the nature, the plants are done pushing through the soil and now their task is to strengthen their roots, stabilizing the plant, creating the foundation for future growth and blooming. In our soul, we are also feeling more secure, grounded and ready for the opening that the summer is going to bring. And as the nature all around is becoming rich, May is a month in which we celebrate motherhood in all its various forms: mother Nature blesses us with cherry blossoms, rich fragrances and colors, and while we are grateful for this, we are also grateful to our own mothers and celebrate them on Mother's day. In short, it is a rich, feminine month in which we tend to feel stable and grounded.

But is that always so? What happens, when due to various circumstances in my life, I find it difficult to find grounding? What if I am just in the process of growing my roots in new soil, what if in general I have difficulty staying connected - and thus enjoying the fruits of connections?

Our topic for May might therefore be a particularly challenging and important one for e.g. expats - it is not surprising that we recently had a "New Home" fairytale group, particularly dealing with the topic of growing roots in a new land (check out the Events section for details on that one - and feel free to check if there is another one coming up soon.) For the same reason, I have chosen Grimm's One-Eyed, Two-Eyed, Three-Eyed as the fairytale of the month. A couple of months ago I wrote about the fairytale, shared some self-reflection exercises as well as a more detailed than usual explanation - and so I encourage you to read on for an immersion into the fairytale and the topic here. Happy May - and enjoy growing your roots!

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