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How we let our imagination fly...

... or rather, how we allowed ourselves for believe that what we've imagined for ourselves is actually possible. For when our group came together last Friday evening, it seemed that the participants already had ideas for the future and so the question was not so much about where to head next, but about how to muster the courage to take the necessary steps.

We worked with Andersen's Thumbelina, which is a huge, rich story of several births and deaths and rebirths - in the nature as well as from the perspective of the self, of the self-identity. We followed the heroine as she shed several skins of her identity to finally arrive at that who she would really like to be. She did that with strength, courage - a sort of inner fire that's implicitly always there in her, even through her most vulnerable moments - and lots of luck and encouragement from the universe. And as Thumbelina reaches the faraway place she'd subconsciously desired, so are we invited to dare to dream big and take the steps towards all that we wish for ourselves.

The incredible energy of this fairytale was felt in the room and inside of us all throughout the process, it was incredible to experience people who at the beginning of the session admitted being uncomfortable, perhaps even afraid of change - and by the end of the session feeling that they're right there with Thumbelina, sitting on the bird (swallow), speeding mightily toward the place where they really want to be at. This dramatic shift was seen through the drawing as well as the symbol cards used - and the words "courage" and "empowerment" were used more than once when asked to describe how the participants felt when leaving the session.

All in all, it was an inspiring, energizing session, and we're looking forward to the next one! In early May, we're planning a more grounding workshop dealing with growing roots in Berlin, finding a place of stability and preparing to blossom...and we will be working with a Grimm fairytale.

On a bit longer term, a series of "Courage-groups" are planned: having witnessed the power of the encouragement these recent two courage-related workshops have been able to offer to the participants, we're eager to make that accessible to even more people.

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