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New Beginnings fairytale workshop

We got together last Friday, all ready to reflect and share, to experience a fairytale on a deeper level, all ready to get inspired and energized. Some of us were at the beginning of their journey, trying to figure out what to do next or which direction to take, while others have already committed to this way or the other, and felt rather in need of an encouragement to keep going.

Once we got to know each other a bit, we started by considering which topic(s) of our lives we'd love to see change in, and then also thought about where we are in that change process. We worked with symbols in expressing our attitudes to change, then worked with a Grimm fairytale ('The King's Son Who Feared Nothing') and used narrative and art therapy methods, individual reflection as well as group process to invite the wisdom of the fairytale into our lives. We finished the evening with a ritual, in which we symbolically took the first steps on our journey to our next goals, and we even let our inner lions roar!

Some photos of the event (the setup, not the participants nor the drawings - for privacy purposes) have been posted on Facebook.

Looking forward to our next fairytale group on March 22, where we will work with Andersen's Thumbelina, will move even more and will let our imagination fly...

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