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New DARE. group cycle starting soon

Last week, we concluded this cycle of the DARE. group; over the past 4 months, we were working with the "The King's Son, Who Feared Nothing" by Brothers Grimm, a rich and often controversial (many people experience a resistance to it at the beginning, which is in itself a great starting point) fairytale that is most closely associated with the Aries and Leo/King archetypes.

After a first intro session that worked with the first reactions to the fairytale, we zoomed in and spent three months working with the symbols of the apple/golden ring, the giant and the lion/river. We used various methods, from working with different forms of art (oil pastels, clay) to symbol cards, conscious movement, intuitive storytelling and more.

During the past months, using the fairytale as our source of inspiration and its symbols as our access to the archetypes, we explored topics such as "What is my purpose? What is next for me? What are my barriers, what is holding me back?" We faced our fears in the shape of the fairytale's giant, and then we let the lion help us "open our eyes" and provide us with a fresh new vision and perspective on what is currently going on in our lives and how we can take the next steps towards our goals.

Although we're saying goodbye to this fairytale, the DARE. series is continuing with full speed – from September onwards we will be working with a new fairytale, following a princess's journey in learning how to defy conventions, go against what is expected of her and find her own, unique path.

Interested to join? In order for you to get a feel for what these groups are like, you can avail a free trial offer, which means that the first session you participate in is for free. Read more about our groups in general here and check out when the next event is happening (and also download your free ticket) here. See you soon!

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