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Saying goodbye to "Fairytale of the Month"

Over the past year or so, my aim was to share as many wonderful fairytales as possible, and for this reason, I was sharing "Fairytale of the Week" on Instagram and Facebook as well as "Fairytale of the Month" on my Blog. My objective was to encourage the reading of fairytales (as I firmly believe that reading fairytales regularly has a positive effect on mental health) as well as to build awareness of the incredible wealth of wisdom, advice and archetypes that are woven into the symbolic language of fairytales.

Now, I believe it is time to take the next step on the path, and to shift the focus to the core objectives of my work. I am a counselor and my main focus is to help people live their lives to their fullest potential, and in working towards that goal, I work with several counseling and coaching methodologies – integral fairytale counseling being one of them. Because I understand that doing counseling work with fairytales may seem like an unusual concept, I decided to put most emphasis on this aspect of my work in the early stages of my social media channels. Now, it is time to talk more about mental health, about everyday life struggles and best ways to overcome them. I will continue posting about fairytales and about the fairytale counseling methodology, but I will focus more on how these fairytales can bring a meaningful difference in your life, how they can help you overcome your challenges, how they can help you live a happier, more balanced, more fulfilled life. Hence the name: Tales for Life.

With this shift in focus, I will no longer be posting general fairytale content nor general fairytale recommendations such as the "Fairytale for Month". I do encourage you, however, to keep reading fairytales, and if you come across fairytales that feel particularly important to you right now, I encourage you to take note of them, share them, bring them to our next counseling session. I look forward to talking about them – I love discovering new fairytales!

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