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The way I see it

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

We have more connections and ways to keep in touch than ever before – yet we feel isolated and lonely.

We have more freedom than ever before – yet we feel totally out of control (climate change, Big Data and the vulnerability of democracy, need we say more?)

We have more things than ever and can buy almost anything – yet we feel chronically unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

We have more ways to seek others on dating apps – yet we are disappointed with our relationship status and unhappy in love.

Something seems to be off… it seems that the perks of modern living have not brought real solutions, real healing to our souls, but on the contrary: we see more stressed, anxious and depressed people everyday.

So is there a way out of the everyday stress and anxiety of today’s modern living – is there a way to live better?

I believe so. It is my commitment to help people live fuller, happier lives and it is my firm belief that the solution lies in overcoming alienation, in healing our connection with 5 key aspects of our lives:

  1. We need to find a way to reconnect with others in a more meaningful, deep and honest way, building our relationships on clean communication and mutual respect and trust.

  2. We need to reestablish our connection to our ancestors, our families of origin, our tribes. In short: our roots.

  3. We need to re-connect with our purpose and our inner sense of calling, and make sure that the work we do is something that we want to do, something that we are good at and we enjoy doing, and also something that the world needs.

  4. We need to re-learn how to live in flow and harmony with the universe, with Nature and the ecosystem, with our value system. In short: overcome our alienation from our wider context, both physical and spiritual.

  5. And most importantly – as this is the basis of it all – we need to find a genuine, deep, respectful and loving relationship with our own selves, as we will only be able to share love and kindness in the world, if we are able to be loving and kind to our own souls.

In my experience – both personal and professional – any tension in one’s life, any anxiety or deep sense of unhappiness stems from the alienation from one (or more) of the fundamental areas listed above. So the healing, the “repairing” of what’s not quite right in one’s life, the path to harmony and growth will necessarily mean overcoming alienation – and re-connecting to these areas in constructive, healthy ways.

It seems like quite an undertaking, but trust me: it really always starts with that first step. And take refuge in knowing that you’re not alone taking this journey: there are many others, going through difficulties or simply struggling with the feeling of ‘is this really all that life is?’ and looking for ways to grow and find how they can live life to the fullest. And there are many professionals who can help you on this journey too – talking to the right counselor, career coach or advisor, doctor or therapist, for example, can make a really meaningful difference.

Whatever you are going through, don’t forget: you deserve to be heard, understood and accepted.

You are not alone.

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