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Working with clay, talking with your heart

We work with various art- and narrative therapy methods during our integral fairytale counseling groups, all of which are deep and enriching, but working with clay somehow has a special place in my heart, so I decided to dedicate a post to it.

Clay represents the earth element, and given you work with it using your hands, you literally feel the texture, the weight, the warmth of the material on your skin. It is important to work with real clay (not Play-Doh) to ensure optimal effect. You take a piece of the clay from the block, deciding the size, the weight of the material you will be working with, and then you commit to that quantity of material: there is no removing or adding anything.

On this occasion of the DARE. group series, we were working on accessing our deep, inner purpose, and clay is wonderful medium to help access our intuition and resonate with the deep wisdom of our body. We started the process by getting to know the material, feeling it, and then started playing with it, forming it without any goal or agenda. At the beginning of the process, it is wise not to have an idea about what you will form. If you know what you would like to shape, then you're not yet present with your heart, but with the mind. After some time of aimlessly, perhaps cluelessly forming the clay, interesting forms start emerging, and then based on those forms meanings start emerging, and ultimately you realize that you have managed to reach somewhere deep inside you and that you have managed to help surface an idea or a concept, something that feels incredibly honest, deep, emotional and real. It is the type of genuineness that can only be felt with the heart. And having allowed it to surface, you have taken a significant step to listening to your heart. It is a magical process, one that is difficult to describe and should be experienced in life.

Interested to give it a try? You are always welcome to join our ongoing DARE. series, we may have another clay session within the next few occasions. And of course, the other techniques we work with are also worth trying. :)

You can find a general description of our group counseling sessions here and check out the next upcoming event (and sign up for a free first session!) here.

Posting some of the forms from this last time we worked with clay - with permission of their creators, of course.

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