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Hi, I'm Bo Mérei. I'm a counselor and coach.


Your life. Your story. 

My mission is to encourage you to own your story.

I'm a psychological counselor and a certified systemic expert-coach (European Coaching Association) and I serve people in their pursuit of becoming the happiest and most authentic versions of themselves. Using a variety of approaches and proven methodologies, I facilitate your process of creating your own path in life and then walking it with courage and persistence. Of identifying the barriers to your happiness and growth – and finding ways to overcome them. Of finding and growing self-belief and self-confidence.

Ultimately, my goal is that you find, understand, live, and own your life story.

My Services


I offer individual (1to1) online sessions.

Through self-awareness to self-esteem.

Dare to discover and pursue what you wish for yourself in life. Identify your next goal(s) and the path that leads you to it. Find your inner resources that will help you along the way. Integrate your shadows and discover a new sense of self. Be a master – rather than slave – of your own narratives. See your situation from fresh, new perspectives, find inspiration and inner strength to overcome your barriers. 

Your process will be facilitated with empathy, genuine acceptance, and a multitude of humanistic / person-centered psychology and systemic methodologies.

Walk your professional path with self-confidence.

Show up at work as your most genuine, most authentic self. Deliver top performance in your role while also ensuring sustainability: maintain balance and make sure that you stay healthy and happy in your job in the long term. Find new, constructive ways to solve internal and external conflicts, and to deal with change, complexity and uncertainty. Manage your self-doubts and develop a sense of personal agency and self-confidence, as an employee, a leader or entrepreneur. Honor your purpose and lead with authenticity. Through self-reflection and self-awareness, understand your deep inner values and learn to respect them when making decisions.

Let your love life be guided by a strong sense of self-worth.

Find the partner(s) right for you, identify and overcome your dating challenges (dating coaching).

Create and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships - relationships that are authentic and exactly fit your own unique needs. Learn and practice establishing and asserting boundaries, a balance of give and take, discover relationship practices and rituals that work for you (relationship coaching).

Develop and grow relationships even through challenging and difficult situations. Learn techniques to contribute to the longevity and health of the relationship (couples' coaching).

Improve the overall quality of your life and wellbeing. Live a life committed to self-love.

Is your day a good representation of how you actually want to live? Is how you spend your time a sign of your appreciation for yourself? Finding ways to take ownership of all aspects of your life: your time, your home, your physical health, your social media consumption, etc.  

Learn stress and anxiety management: mindfulness and relaxation therapy techniques. Learn how to avoid procrastination, how to make major life decisions. Manage the challenges of living as an expat. And more...

I have supported clients in working with topics including

  • Relationship issues

  • Singleness and dating challenges

  • Breakup, divorce

  • Managing conflicts

  • Intercultural challenges
    (in relationships)

  • Family issues

  • Boundary setting, saying 'no'

  • LGBTQ+ challenges

  • Self-esteem, self-confidence

  • Academic concerns

  • Procrastination

  • Developing self- and time-management

  • Political and climate anxiety

  • Social media related stress & anxiety

  • Money, financial security

  • Decision making

  • Values, goals clarification

  • Self-awareness and self-reflexion

  • Spirituality

  • Self-actualization, Life purpose

  • Midlife crisis

  • Self-employment and Entrepreneurship

  • Adjusting to change, major life transitions

  • Career decisions, career planning

  • Intercultural challenges (at work)
  • Culture shock, Expat challenges

  • Stress & anxiety management

  • Burnout prevention

  • Work-Life balance

My 'professional DNA'

These are the main approaches and disciplines that my work is based on.




Person-centered counseling

Counseling approach based on the principles of Carl Rogers, aimed at facilitating one's self-actualization, with focus on acceptance (unconditional positive regard), authenticity/ congruence and empathy



Systemic coaching


Working with both internal and external systems that impact the human experience. Resource-based counseling - and coaching approach based on constructivism and systemic theory.



Couples therapy


Relationship- and couples counseling approach based on the Gottman method, one of the world's most researched couples therapy methodologies. Includes practical tools fine-tuned over more than 30 years of research. 


Theory U


Awareness-based approach facilitating individual and collective curiosity, empathy and courage as per Otto Scharmer's (MIT) Theory U / Presencing. Process and methodology incl. visualization, embodiment, mirroring, etc. 



Integral psychology


A study of human development based on the integral framework by Ken Wilber. A comprehensive map including all major development lines, stages, aspects, states and personality types.




Intercultural communication & coaching, facilitation of intercultural and LGBTQ+ narratives with an understanding of the effects of ingroup v. outgroup, 'othering', privilege inequality, discrimination.




Mindfulness coaching, developing own mindfulness practice and integration of mindfulness in day-to-day life as per Jon Kabat-Zinn's approach. 

Anxiety management and stress reduction, relaxation techniques.



Symbol Work


Working with internal and external images, individual and collective symbols and symbolic narratives – based on Jungian archetypes and a fairytale counseling methodology.

What previous clients say about my work

I do recommend these sessions. [...] Bo patiently and gently, walks you through a process in a very didactic and enjoyable way. I had the courage to be open to change because he created a magical atmosphere where one feels safe, heard and cared about. (K. C.)

Bo has a wonderful, warm-hearted way of working that made me feel heard and understood. Throughout my process, I felt I was in safe and good hands. (V. R.) 

I appreciated the good atmosphere, the compassionate and competent process guiding, the wonderful, extremely effective coaching exercises and homework assignments. (L. G.)  

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