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Appointments & Scheduling

  • To arrange an appointment for a 1 to 1 session, I encourage you to send me a message via the contacts below and I will get back to you in short (if you don't receive a response within 2-3 days, please check your Spam folder). When writing to me, please mention if you prefer morning, afternoon or evening appointments and I will try to accommodate.  


Prices & Payment Details

  • Standard hourly rate for private individuals (1to1 counseling): 80 EUR (not covered by German health insurance). The coaching journeys each have a package price, please see those on their respective pages.

  • A few discounted slots available. Please feel free to enquire. I also continuously offer (a limited number of) free slots to those who are unable to pay for counseling at the moment. Read all about that here.


  • The prices of the workshops, training- and group sessions vary and are indicated in each event announcement.


  • I accept payment by debit/credit card, Paypal as well as bank transfer.

  • The first contact (a maximum 30-minute phone call or online talk) is free of charge and requires no commitment from you. This way you can tell me a bit about your topic, ask questions about my approach, and decide if you would like to book a session with me.


  • For online sessions: see the details here.

  • The in-person individual, as well as group sessions, are held in Aquariana, in a central location in Kreuzberg, Berlin (near Bergmannstrasse) with easy access via public transport (U6, U7, bus 104, M19, etc.). The location also has its own parking for bikes and cars and is wheelchair accessible. 


  • The exact address of the location: 
    Aquariana, Am Tempelhofer Berg 7D, 10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg

  • Detailed info on how to get there (in German) here.


Other Terms

  • I work with fairly standard professional terms when it comes to Cancellations, Payment, Confidentiality, etc. These are all discussed and agreed at our first session in detail, and you also receive a written summary of these terms. If you would like to read these before the first session, I can send them to you in a pdf, feel free to request this in an email.


Frequently asked questions / Häufig gestellte Fragen

Who is RAW for?

These sessions are for you if: - You’ve been on a healing path and you're ready to go a step deeper - You're struggling to fully express yourself - You want support in healing through life changes and grief - You want to celebrate how far you've come on your journey to self love - You're fed up with the negative beliefs around your self image - You're ready to transform shame and experience more liberation - You want to process difficult emotions in a safe container - You want to connect with yourself in a more intimate way - You’re ready to step more fully into your purpose and power

And, especially, if it feels a little edgy for you to do this! The feelings we most avoid are the most potent portals to real transformation.

I invite you to experience yourself in the most RAW and pure way. You are a work of art, my dear, and you deserve to see that for yourself.

Why RAW?

I've been helping women fall more deeply in love with themselves for years, and through hundreds of photoshoots, I've witnessed how incredibly hard we are on ourselves. Every woman who steps in front of my camera is a beautiful work of art, and yet it's so hard for her to see this for herself (and believe me, I've been in the same boat). I've used makeup, styling, posing, and retouching to help women see that they can look like the models they see in the media, and that they truly are beautiful. After years of photoshoots, it got me thinking - Why do we need all of these masks to see our inherent beauty? Why is it so hard for us to see the beauty in ourselves? Could it be possible to show women their beauty without all the charades? This is why I created RAW. RAW is a photo project that captures your unique beauty and essence underneath all the stories and beliefs you've been told about who you're supposed to be in order to be beautiful and worthy of love. Once you can see your shame as a piece of art that is outside of you, it loses it's power over you, and changes the way you relate to yourself.

About Jamie Nease

My mission as a transformational portrait photographer is to allow women the space to be truly seen, for exactly who they are, and to witness the beauty of their being beyond all the thoughts and ideas of who they think they’re supposed to be. I’m deeply passionate about this mission because I myself have lived a lifetime hiding. Hiding my essence, hiding my body, hiding my voice. Feeling unworthy and trying to fit into a box of who I’m supposed to be. I used to be a software engineer at Google. Yeah, that’s right. I was basically doing the opposite of what I do now. My parents were both software engineers, and I grew up thinking that worthiness would come from financial success and a desirable career where I could be viewed as super smart and “elite”. Of course I also thought worthiness came from being skinny, trendy, sexually desirable yet modest, likeable, sweet, quiet, agreeable, putting other’s desires above my own, following the rules, finding a suitable life partner, having children, the list goes on. My box was so tiny that I became invisible. Yet I was screaming to be seen for who I truly was. One day my body gave me a massive wake up call. I returned from a work trip to India, and my jaw locked up. Not just for a couple of days or a month, but for a full YEAR. After being repeatedly told by doctors to just take anti-depressants or muscle relaxers, without any regard for what was actually happening to my body, I went on a quest to heal myself. On my healing journey (which has turned into a lifelong journey) I discovered that I was living a lie. I didn’t even know who I was or what I actually wanted. I only knew what I’d been told. Through my work with many healers, coaches, body workers, and an incredible therapist, I’ve discovered that what I really want is to help womxn like myself release the shame they carry around and see how beautiful and powerful they really are. So they can live their lives fully expressed and in their purpose. So we can step into our power and heal the world. Because that’s the medicine I’ve needed. And I can see how much shame plagues our society and every womxn I've photographed. I’ve experienced deep depressions, crippling anxiety, and chronic debilitating pain. And I’ve also experienced what healing feels like. These sessions are created from the deepest longings of my heart and soul to create healing on the planet. Because I truly believe that as womxn heal and stand in their purpose, the world will heal.


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