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Pro Bono Counseling & Coaching (online)

I would also like to be of service to those who would otherwise not be able to afford counseling or coaching at the moment, so I continuously offer a limited number of free slots. If you feel that this applies to you, I encourage you to get in touch at the bottom of this page. 

Some general information:

  • This offer is valid for any service I offer (counseling, coaching, stress-management & mindfulness training...). 

  • In order to allow as many people to use this chance as possible, I offer a maximum of 3 sessions (60-75 mins each) per person. We will agree on the schedule in advance (typically 1 session per week, so 3 weeks in total). In most cases, I cannot offer a substitute appointment for no-shows.

  • Once you send me a message, I will be able to tell you if we can start the process immediately, or if I can put you on the waiting list. The waiting list is kept in the order in which I received the requests. Given the structured scheduling that I mentioned in the previous point, I will be able to tell you quite precisely when you can expect to get started.

  • This free offer is valid for online sessions only. (If you are unable to meet online, please let me know and we may be able to work out a solution).

What you can expect from the sessions:

  • 3 sessions may not be enough to get to the end of a topic, but it is for sure a good start. In my experience, a whole lot can happen within 3 sessions. (Sometimes already one session – talking with a person who has a different/neutral perspective – makes a difference.)

  • We will deepen the topic as much as possible and relevant, work with appropriate methods, and by the end of the process you will work out some potential next steps and actions for yourself to take after our work together has ended. By the end of the process, you will have understood your topic from new, different angles and had ideas on how to go on solving the challenge. You may or may not be at the end of it – but you will have definitely made progress.  

  • It does make the work more efficient if you already come to the session with a topic/issue as specific as possible. In order to make the most of these occasions, I will also give you "homework" / fieldwork suggestions, it does help if you do those in between our meetings. 

  • The approach that we take and the methods we use depend on the topic and the field we are working with. You can read more about my services here and my general approach here. 

To whom is this offer available?

  • To everybody for whom these 3 sessions would be useful/necessary and who wouldn't be able to pay for them otherwise.

  • I trust you to use the opportunity wisely (since the number of slots is limited, using this unfairly would take away the opportunity from others who may need it more). In case you are in doubt if you need these free slots and/or if you would prefer to have more than 3 sessions to work on the topic, you could also consider getting in touch and requesting a discount from my usual rate (some discounted slots also available).

  • Having said the above, if you feel that this is for you, I will naturally believe you and require no further explanation, proof, or anything else.

Important: this is not emergency help. As indicated also elsewhere on this site, none of my services are to be considered a substitute for emergency psychotherapeutic or psychiatric help. If you find yourself in immediate danger or risk of e.g. suicide, please make sure you contact emergency services such as Berliner Krisendienst.

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