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Authentic career planning, career coaching

Everyone deserves to feel fulfilled in their job. In fact, job satisfaction is good for you, good for your workplace, and good for the world: it is when we are in the right place, that we contribute the most by sharing our truest talents and gifts. Staying satisfied, healthy, and happy in your job in the long term requires being able to be authentic at work –  connected to your true self and having no major internal conflict between how you see yourself and the work you do. I consider authenticity not as a character trait, but as a continuous process; as you keep progressing in life, you also keep changing, and authenticity requires you to keep checking in regularly with yourself and asking yourself questions such as "Who am I today? Who is the person I have become? What are my most valuable strengths, resources? What values do I consider the most important? What role does my work play in my life? Is my work in line with my current understanding of my true self? Am I still satisfied, happy, proud to be doing this work?"   


This coaching journey invites you to take a deep journey to understand yourself, your career desires, your strengths, your values, motivations and needs more fully – and through learning to accept and value all these, to create a career path for yourself that feels genuinely right. This is an important exercise if you are just starting your career and looking for orientation as well as if you are a seasoned professional, looking for a new direction – or simply looking for a career plan within the context of your current workplace. You will re-look at your current competencies and resources from a fresh perspective and emerge with a fuller appreciation of yourself, and, as a consequence, further grow your self-confidence and self-belief, which in turn will aid you when you're taking your next career steps. In short: by building on your strengths, you will create the foundations for sustainable, authentic career development. 


This career coaching journey is for you, if

  • You feel stuck in your current job, but not sure which path to take in trying to achieve progress.

  • You are just about to start your career, and not quite sure which direction to take. 

  • You're in the process of changing careers (or hoping to) and would like to orientate yourself, understanding better how to switch to a new field while not sacrificing all of what you have achieved so far.

  • You are satisfied with your work in your current company but would like to have a clear understanding and plan related to where you are headed in your career.

  • You are currently employed but would like to make the move to become a freelancer or entrepreneur. 

The journey you will take


In this process, you will explore what your own authentic career plan looks like, you will create a work vision that feels genuinely right, and you will also plan the first couple of action steps. Your process will be facilitated by the 1to1 coaching sessions, as well as homework and fieldwork assignments. The journey will include:

A deep dive into yourself, your past and present

  • Explore your competencies, strengths, resources

  • Integrate & create a constructive narrative of your career path – past and present 


Defining the vision

  • Discovere your motivations, values, career desires, inspirations

  • Goal definition, work (& life) vision

  • Facilitated research of opportunities, threats and possibilities

Finding the path

  • Define your plans, strategies, and courses of action based on the defined vision

  • Work with the fears and obstacles that surface along the way

  • Activate resources, create a development plan


Taking action

  • Commit to action steps and start implementing the plan.

Please note that this journey aims to serve you in establishing your own, unique career path. This is not career counseling, you will not receive specific career advice from your coach. Instead, this coaching approach believes in you, and your potential to find exactly what is right for you – and aims to serve you on your journey of discovering that for yourself. It is process facilitation, rather than information-sharing or recruitment training.  


Practical details and pricing

This coaching journey includes:

  • A free, 30-minute, commitment-free first consultation to help you decide if this coaching process is right for you

  • 12 coaching sessions (online or in-person in Berlin), 75 minutes each

  • Homework and fieldwork assignments in-between the sessions, facilitating and enhancing your process even further

  • A free, 30-minute follow-up video call two months after the end of your process to check on you and your progress

The timeframe of this coaching journey:

  • Ideal duration: 4 months

  • In the first 2 months, we meet on a weekly basis, allowing for a faster deepening of your process and creating the space for transformation
    (transformation phase, 8 sessions)

  • Afterward, we meet once every 2-3 weeks to discuss your action progress, working with the actual challenges coming up along the way
    (mentorship phase, 4 sessions)

  • The duration and time frame are flexible and adaptable – at our first consultation, we can discuss the exact timing based on your needs and preferences. 


  • Standard price of the entire coaching journey: 1.200 EUR + VAT (in total: 1430 EUR)

  • Action price (applies if you make your decision and book your coaching within 1 week following our first consultation call): 1.140 EUR + VAT (= 1.360 EUR)

Getting started

Ready to get started?

If you're ready take a big step towards creating your authentic career plan, it is very easy to get started:

  • Send a message on any of the contacts below. Please indicate which coaching process you are interested in (this one is called "career coaching")

  • I will respond within 2-3 days and we will set the appointment for your first 30-minute consultation. This call is absolutely for free and requires no commitment from you.

  • During the call, you are invited to share a bit about yourself, your current situation and your objectives. You are also welcome to ask questions about the approach, the methodology used during the coaching. All practical aspects (scheduling, payment, etc.) are also clarified. 

  • After the call, if you decide to start with your process, you will be guided through the secure payment process and your first appointment will be confirmed.

  • It's that simple! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, using any of the contacts below.

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