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Start change! (General coaching package)

If there is an area in your life in which you'd like to see change, but can't seem to find the way to do that, if you are unsure about which direction to take or are afraid to take the first step – then this coaching journey may be a good starting point for you. In creating this journey, my initial thought was to offer a general coaching package of 5 sessions, to create an entry point for people who are not ready to commit to a longer coaching journey – or are unclear about their objectives and so find it difficult to choose one of the other coaching journeys. Now, the common theme that seems to be present in this journey is something along the lines of: "I feel stuck. How do I get unstuck?!" Some common topics include:

  • Clarification of objectives, life or work goals

  • Having to make a difficult, major life decision and feeling stuck – and in need of facilitation to find the best possible solution

  • Procrastination – understanding the roots of delaying things and finding ways to manage it

  • "I know what I want to achieve. I just need a boost to take that first step in the right direction" (or to establish the good habits that have been decided on).

This coaching journey is an invitation to start the change you wish for yourself in life. It is a flexible package of 5 sessions and the journey itself, the tools and methodologies used will be adapted to your specific objectives and needs.   


This coaching journey is for you, if

  • You feel stuck and looking for ways to change that.

  • If you would like to clarify your objectives, life goals and/or create a corresponding plan of action.

  • If you are looking for facilitation in making a major life decision or looking for ways to stop procrastinating.

  • If you are not ready to commit to a longer coaching process, however, would like to start a change in your life and looking for a quick way to do that. 

The journey you will take


Your process will be facilitated with 1to1 sessions as well as homework and fieldwork exercises in-between our meetings. The actual journey you will take will be created based on your individual needs and objectives, however, the overall flow of the process will definitely include:

  • Understanding your current situation and challenge from various perspectives,

  • Clarifying the vision and defining your objectives,

  • Working with the obstacles and activating your strengths and resources to ensure success,

  • Strategy and action planning.


Practical details and pricing

This coaching journey includes:

  • A free, 30-minute, commitment-free first consultation to help you decide if this coaching process is right for you

  • 5 coaching sessions (online or in-person in Berlin), 75 minutes each

  • Homework and fieldwork assignments in-between the sessions, facilitating and enhancing your process even further

  • A free, 30-minute follow-up video call two months after the end of your process to check on you and your progress

The timeframe of this coaching journey:

  • Ideal duration: 1.5 months (one session per week)

  • The duration and time frame are flexible and adaptable – at our first consultation, we can discuss the exact timing based on your needs and preferences. 


  • Standard price of the entire coaching journey: 500 EUR + VAT (in total: 595 EUR)

  • Action price (applies if you make your decision and book your coaching within 1 week following our first consultation call): 475 EUR + VAT (= 565 EUR) 

Getting started

Ready to get started?

If you're ready take a step towards starting change in your life, it is very easy to get started:

  • Send a message on any of the contacts below. Please indicate which coaching process you are interested in (this one is called "general coaching package" or "Start Change")

  • I will respond within 2-3 days and we will set the appointment for your first 30-minute consultation. This call is absolutely for free and requires no commitment from you.

  • During the call, you are invited to share a bit about yourself, your current situation and your objectives. You are also welcome to ask questions about the approach, the methodology used during the coaching. All practical aspects (scheduling, payment, etc.) are also clarified. 

  • After the call, if you decide to start with your process, you will be guided through the secure payment process and your first appointment will be confirmed.

  • It's that simple! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, using any of the contacts below.


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