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Relationship coaching

Establishing, sustaining and continuously growing a relationship takes effort and commitment in all its stages, from the very first steps taken together, up until that getting-old-together part. Relationships have natural cycles, ups and downs, and the successful adaptation to the ever-changing dynamics is an ongoing task. But what is often even more challenging is staying true to yourself – within the context of the relationship. In this coaching approach, 'being real' and authentic in a relationship is key to long-term happiness and satisfaction, and, given that authenticity is an ongoing process, it requires you to continuously check in with yourself and your needs, and make sure those are aligned with the relationship you're in (both its present as well as the future that it is headed into). It also requires mastering the art of balancing well between your own needs and those of the relationship, of flexibly managing personal space and boundaries, of practicing transparent communication, of using conflict as a door to greater intimacy, and more.    

This is a 1to1 coaching journey, not couples therapy and it invites you to an honest exploration of yourself in your relationship. It also aims to serve you in creating and further growing the relationship that you truly wish to be in. Whether you are just taking those first steps together and working with your insecurities, or whether you are already decades into the relationship and searching for ways to connect to a new sense of shared meaning, whether you are recovering from a crisis or simply looking for ways to make the "everydays" more rewarding, the basic structure of this coaching journey is the same: you will take a journey inside yourself first, understanding and learning to own your needs and wishes, and only afterward will you look at how to implement those within the context of your relationship. You will explore your resources and understand some barriers – and even practice methods that you will find useful in taking the next steps towards elevating your relationship to the next level. 


This relationship coaching journey is for you, if

  • If you're in the process of solidifying a relatively new relationship, if you wish to establish and further develop the relationship with your partner or partners and seem to be running into challenges.

  • If you are not sure what type of relationship you wish to be in, if traditional concepts of what a relationship is do not seem to apply or work for you, and if you need facilitation in defining for yourself what kind of relationship you want and how to make it happen.

  • If your relationship has been going through a difficult phase and you feel the need to rediscover yourself and your partner(s) through the challenges you encountered. If you are looking for ways to cope with the upcoming challenges in an authentic way.

  • If you experience a disconnect between your needs and motivations and those of your partner(s) and therefore maintaining a shared meaning and vision is proving to be challenging. 

  • If you wish to elevate the quality of the everydays within the reality of the relationship.

  • If you wish to create a space for your relationship to further grow. 

The journey you will take


In this process, you will explore what authentically being in a relationship means to you, you will create a plan of action that feels genuinely right, and you will also take the first couple of steps along the way. Your process will be facilitated through the 1to1 coaching sessions, as well as (optional) homework and fieldwork assignments. The journey will include:

Defining the vision

  • Understanding yourself on a deeper level – and learning to own your emotional needs.

  • Creating a vision of your ideal relationship with your partner(s), a relationship in which those emotional needs will be met. 


Truly understanding the current situation

  • Discovering your inner obstacles and challenges – and learning how to overcome them. Facing some of your related fears – within the safe space of this coaching journey.

  • Identifying your inner strengths and resources that you can safely build on, that will help you reach your goals. 


Finding the path

  • Defining your plans, strategies, and courses of action based on what is exactly right for you, and not based on what is expected.

  • Learning to master transparent communication, assert boundaries, constructively manage conflict.


Taking action

  • Starting to implement the plan and working with the actual, real challenges that come up. 


Practical details and pricing

This coaching journey includes:

  • A free, 30-minute, commitment-free first consultation to help you decide if this coaching process is right for you

  • 10 coaching sessions (online or in-person in Berlin), 75 minutes each

  • Homework and fieldwork assignments in-between the sessions, facilitating and enhancing your process even further

  • A free, 30-minute follow-up video call two months after the end of your process to check on you and your progress

The timeframe of this coaching journey:

  • Ideal duration: 3 months (one session per week, allowing for a faster deepening of your process and creating the space for transformation)

  • The duration and time frame are flexible and adaptable – at our first consultation, we can discuss the exact timing based on your needs and preferences. 


  • Standard price of the entire coaching journey: 1.000 EUR + VAT (in total: 1.190 EUR)

  • Action price (applies if you make your decision and book your coaching within 1 week following our first consultation call): 950 EUR + VAT (= 1135 EUR)

Getting started

Ready to get started?

If you're ready take a definitive step towards authentic relationship success, it is very easy to get started:

  • Send a message on any of the contacts below. Please indicate which coaching process you are interested in (this one is called "relationship coaching")

  • I will respond within 2-3 days and we will set the appointment for your first 30-minute consultation. This call is absolutely for free and requires no commitment from you.

  • During the call, you are invited to share a bit about yourself, your current situation and your objectives. You are also welcome to ask questions about the approach, the methodology used during the coaching. All practical aspects (scheduling, payment, etc.) are also clarified. 

  • After the call, if you decide to start with your process, you will be guided through the secure payment process and your first appointment will be confirmed.

  • It's that simple! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, using any of the contacts below.

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