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About fairytale counseling

Tales for Life Berlin farytale counseling

Stories have a fundamental impact on how we view ourselves and the world. We think in narratives: we take pieces of information and connect them into a story, and with this, we create our own subjective reality. Some narratives are helpful and purposeful, while some others have served their course and are ready to be let go of. Working with narratives in a counseling context is a gentle, yet powerful way to become aware of, to understand and to, if necessary, rewrite our narratives – in order to start experiencing positive changes in our lives.


Fairytales are also narratives. They talk about the same topics and themes, the same challenges, joys, and pains, that occur in our own lives, except that they do so in a symbolic language. Every fairytale is, therefore, an invitation: an invitation to connect with your intuition and your feelings in a deep, instinctive, playful way, through the symbolic language of the fairytales.

How it works

How fairytale counseling works

In fairytale counseling for adults, the main objective is to bring positive change in an area of one's life, by recognizing old stories and rewriting them and by discovering and pursuing new opportunities. There are two basic ways in which we do this:

  • In write-your-own fairytale methodologies, you create fairytales that are symbolic representations of the real-life challenges you are going through at the moment, you find symbolic solutions to your problems and then translate those symbols into real-life solutions.


  • In working with classical fairytales such as Grimm or Andersen tales, traditional folk fairytales, and myths, you are invited to discover and assume new perspectives, and to get inspired by connecting with the age-old wisdom that is present in those stories that have been crafted by hundreds of earlier generations. In the old days, fairytales were a means of collective therapy for adults. By tapping into the depth of these fairytales, one gets access to humanity's collective subconscious, full of potential solutions. 


Fairytale counseling works with a pictorial language that is available for use to all of us: the fight against the dragon or witch is our fight against our challenges, the hidden treasures are our inner strengths and resources, which we need in the final battle. The wedding at the end of the fairytale is the re-integration of a part of our own self, a part that we have rediscovered during the process. When you find the solutions you need on this symbolic level, you also find the solutions in your real life. The work with the pictorial language of the fairytales facilitates the connection to your feelings and experiences, in order to allow efficient and lasting change. 

fairytale counseling, warrior going through a battle, hard challenge or fight

Some common topics we work with

For any challenge you may have, there is a relevant fairytale. There are, however, topics that often come up in fairytale counseling, such as:

  • Relationship challenges

  • Loneliness & a feeling of isolation

  • Recovering after a difficult experience, a breakup, divorce

  • Lack of initiative, courage, persistence in any aspect of one’s life

  • Resolution of conflicts

  • Anxiety, feeling insecure during changes in the world/in one’s life

  • Perfectionism, controlling, not being able to let go

  • Creative block & lack of inspiration, vision or purpose

  • Difficulty managing stress and pressure.


Fairytale counseling formats

I offer different counseling formats: individual and group counseling, short as well as deep processes. You are welcome to get in touch to find out which format and approach would best fit your needs. You are also welcome to check out the Event section or the Tales for Life Berlin Facebook page for upcoming groups and free demonstrations – although please note that since the beginning of 2020, no events nor groups have been offered due to the pandemic. In the meantime, 1to1 fairytale sessions are continuously available. Also, elements of the fairytale counseling methodology can well be integrated within coaching processes (see the coaching journeys here) – if interested, feel free to enquire more on this.


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